5 lead generating ideas to make profit used by successful entrepreneurs

5 lead generating ideas to make profit used by successful entrepreneurs

When it comes to creating a successful lead generation process is can be tough, especially if you are only relying on traditional email marketing methods. Sending out emails and scraping together lists can be tedious or long winded and being realistic most of those people don’t really acknowledge the email or delete it.

So could you still reach your target conversion rate using methods that actually add value for your prospects?

Below are 5 lead generating ideas to provide valuable information to prospects to help them instead of pushing them to buy from your brand. 

  1. Research & share successful leaders

One way you can get successful secrets and information is by reaching out to a leader within your industry. You can interview the expert to unfold their secrets, get advice and other useful information to prove to potential customers that you’re dedicated to delivering the best advice out there.

  • Helpful videos to solve any issue

Creating helpful videos to solve a real problem for potential customers in a format that’s both entertaining and easily digestible can be beneficial and get their attention. If you are not confident in video making or know how to create one. There are companies can help you shoot videos, and have useful learning resources in order to make the best video.

  • Customer reviews

If you use a review platform then it can help you have a strong presence for your organic search. This is because it is an opportunity to expand your brand presence as well as get noticed by the right users. You should encourage your users to leave reviews on a third-party platform with strong SEO, this will increase the chances of being found by qualified prospects in search.

  • What is working for you

If you write a blog post about what you have tried to be successful as well as mention the failures can prove to be interesting to potential leads. There are other companies that is going through a similar stage of growth or potentially growing in size will gain a lot of inspiration from posts like this. This will help businesses to avoid making the same mistakes.

  • Useful tools

When it comes to tools. You can always boast about the useful tools your company offers. However, when you take the time to explore other helpful tools your users they could be using, it will prove that you prioritize their success over your own self-promotion.

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