A simple guide to help improve your rankings

A simple guide to help improve your rankings

There are many things you could do to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines, for instance you could:

Publish relevant content on a regular basis

If you want to improve your site’s rankings in line with Google’s guidelines, it is best to use relevant content.  Quality content is the most effective factor for search engine rankings.  Content created specifically for your intended users and their search phrases will help increase your site’s search engine visibility.

Relevance is key, so to do this you must identify a keyword for each page on your site and then think about what terms your user will use to look up the content. Once identified and mapped, create content related to the keyword and optimise the content around the chosen keyword phrase.

Keep your content updated on a regular basis

As we have explained content is very important when trying to improve you’re ranking on search engines. Which is why regularly updating your content that you post on your websites is extremely important. Another reason for updating your content is because it’s seen as one of the best indicators of a site’s relevancy.

Recent Google updates have targeted out of date and static content, there has been evidence of website with fresh content out ranking websites with older content.

Making sure your Meta data is optimised

Ensuring your Meta data is optimised is extremely important since your Meta data is the information that is displayed on the search engine when someone searching for your specific keyword. Meta data falls under 2 categories; Titles and Descriptions.

  • Meta title is the title visible on the top of the browser window. This is considered the most important Meta data on your page.
  • Meta descriptions are the descriptive text which is visible on underneath the Meta title to entice and encourage readers to click on your website.

Utilise the use of Alt Tags

Make sure when you post videos or other rich media that you use all available tags as well writing meaningful and relevant descriptions. Since search engines can’t pick up what a picture or video looks like, so by using all tags you allow the search engine to understand what the image/video is and the location of the page.


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