What is SEO content in its simplest form?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process of where you ensure that your website is visible on search engines when you search for words or phrases which are linked to the topic of the site. SEO listings on search engine results pages are often referred to as ‘organic’ results. It is making sure that your website is more click friendly.

The term Search engine optimisation came into use during 1997

We often get asked by clients what we mean by “SEO Content” There are many types of SEO content, here are some examples:

Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the simplest ways to create a consistent stream of SEO content. Using blog posts usually are really engaging and it makes it more likely to attract links. Which makes it a really good way to build authority for your site.


The type of content usually news articles, feature pieces and interview. This is the typical type of content you would find on most magazine and newsletter style websites.


A list falls under the same category as an article but its specific in its framing for example ’5 ways to clear your waste’ framing it in a list format makes the information easier to scan. These articles are usually very clickable when seen in the search results.


This is a larger piece of content which explains the directions for something in detail.  Guides can be posted on your website, or a snippet of your guide can be posted on your website, where you can ask the viewer to register to your website to access the full guide.


There are less videos on web pages compared to text so it makes it easier to rank on the first page if you use video instead of text for highly searched words. Videos can allow you to reach a much larger audience depending on the type of business that you have.


Infographics is images which contain a mass amount of information, it is typically graphs or charts. Since most of the information is embedded in to actual image the search engine wouldn’t be able to pick up the information. Which makes it very important to optimise the rest of the web page to ensure that the search engine knows what the page is about.


A slideshow is a collective group of images which are related. Images sometimes outweigh text so it is very important to ensure that the SEO of your title, image file names, captions etc. are optimised so here is less for the search engine to read, making it easier to be picked up.


A Glossary is a collection of words relating to a specific subject. It is important for a business to make a glossary. It helps since when people search for specific industries on search engines like google a well-built glossary can create a lot of traffic.

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