SEO Wash-up Monday 24th July

SEO Wash-up Monday 24th July

Details have been released about Google’s Mobile First indexing change

Google first announced the upcoming Mobile First indexing change last month. It seems that more has been released in regards to Google’s upcoming Mobile First indexing change that will show the search engine rank on the mobile versions of webpages, the new announcement made from Doantam Phan, who is a Google product manager said that it has now entered the testing phase within the mobile search results.

At the moment Google only indexes the desktop version of a page, however they will serve the mobile version for those people who search from their mobile devices. A number of questions has been raised by webmasters in regards to the change, especially as it relates to ranking and indexing websites that currently serve different versions of the same content to desktop against mobile searchers.

Facebook will offer new metrics for Ad and Page insights

As more and more businesses are joining the Facebook ad platform, Facebook always looks for improve metrics and page insights so businesses can monitor performances. They have announced the new metrics that they will be releasing for businesses over the next few weeks.

The new metrics are designed to give business companies a better understanding of user interactions with their Facebook pages and ads. Below is the two new metrics that businesses can determine if ads are successfully leading users to their sites and attracting new customers.

  • Landing page views – this shows the number of visitors who have reached your website after clicking on an ad.
  • Pre-impression activity breakdown – this shows whether visitors have been to your website previously.

Below are the new metrics on Page interactions which also can determine if ads are successfully leading users to their sites and attracting new customers.

  • Follows – this shows the number of follows your business gains or losses, insights into where follows happen, follower demographics and a breakdown of organic and paid follows.
  • Previews –this shows the number of people who see your Page’s information without actually clicking on it.

Google home service expands to the East Coast and opens up to more service categories in the US

Google launched home services ads in 2015 and continues to expand its ad product for local service providers. This week, Google has announced home service ads are available to more businesses in more cities such as Stockton, San Diego, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Once the business goes through an application and background check process, they can set up their Google Home Service ad listings in AdWords Express. Painters, electricians and towing companies can now run ads through AdWords Express, joining locksmiths and plumbers, house cleaners and handymen.

The ad blocks typically appear at the top of the results page, with the organic pack of listings displaying farther down the page.


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