SEO Wash-up Monday 4TH September

SEO Wash-up Monday 4TH September

Google has added an instant answers and trending search to IOS app

Google has a new search app update for IOS, where they have added an instant answers and trending search. This app replicates a previous Android feature which reportedly resulted in a turmoil and caused Google to opt-out.

So what is in the new app in the IOS App Store, this is what Google has said about their new app for the IOS:

  • You can see searches that are trending around you when you tap on the search box to start a search
  • You can get instant answers for any question as you type them, and before you even complete the search.
  • You can easily give feedback on any suggestions you see while typing — just swipe left and tap on the info icon

Google’s trending searches has appeared to be national rather than to your specific location. The data appears to be knowledge graph data, however it’s not always consistent as some of the answers don’t always appear to factual questions or as like the Google Answer Box, where the answer appears after the search is actually entered.

The instant answers has some utility for quick facts and now it’s a lot faster, easier and more efficient to use voice search or Google Home, if you have one.

Google has rolled out the Landing Pages mobile assessment tool 

Having bad landing pages on mobile devices can kill conversions for businesses. There is always a high bounce rate when users can’t find desired information or the user experience is too slow. Landing Pages will show data on search, display and video campaigns. However, right now, the MFCR data is only available for search campaigns.

In order to help businesses and advertisers improve mobile performance, Google has announced a new Landing Pages tool at Google Marketing Next. The new Landing Pages tool is designed to help marketers assess the mobile-friendliness of various URLs on their sites. Google has said that it will be rolled out in the coming weeks as a tab in the new AdWords experience.

The Landing Pages tool reports the Mobile-Friendly Click Rate, which shows the percentage of mobile clicks that are coming from smartphones that land on a mobile-friendly page. These reports will allow marketers to identify and prioritize what URLs needs attention and what needs to be fixed. For example, if a page has a lot of clicks on the desktop version but is not mobile-friendly, this will need to be optimised in order to be mobile-friendly.

Google is making it easier for Android users to find parking options

Google Maps has now made it easier for users to find parking by adding parking button on their Android app to see a list of parking garages and lots within 25 US cities.

The find parking option appears on the direction card on Google Maps once you search for your location. The parking option button leads to a list of parking garages and lots near your intended location. Google Map users can select their ideal parking options, and Google Maps will automatically add it to their trip, along with walking directions from their chosen car park spot to their actual destination.

However the find parking feature has only been rolled out in 25 US cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, DC and many more. In addition to its latest feature, the app has expanded its “parking difficulty” feature for Android and IOS apps to 25 international cities, including Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, London and a few more cities.

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