SEO Wash-up Monday 11th March

SEO Wash-up Monday 11th March

Google Updates

Multilingual sites should localize alt attributes – A spokesman from Google has mentioned on social media that it is fine for multilingual sites to use the same image and image source URLs for translated pages, however the alt attributes for those images should be localized and translated into the local language.

Google my business guidelines forbids irrelevant content – The search giant has added a line to the business description guidelines within their Google My Business guidelines, which says that they do not allow the description to contain irrelevant content. With the new line that was added saying content that’s irrelevant to your business or has no clear association with it isn’t allowed. Google says that you should refer to their overall guidelines for representing your business.

Google ad grant T&Cs posts fix – A little while back, Ad Grants advertisers were not being able to accept the terms and conditions. As this has been going on for weeks, Google has finally posted a possible solution or workaround for the bug. A spokesman from the search giants has posted the following steps:

  1. You should go to billing setup page
  2. Then go to setting tab:
  3. You will need one of the admin user to accept the TOS. see
  4. Then add the user as Payments user to have at least signup permission. Then see and

No SEO benefit having images on your own domain name – Google has said that there is no specific SEO benefit for hosting your images on your own domain name. You can host them on your domain name or host them on another domain name, but that does not mean that would impact how well that image ranks. However, Google does say you may want to host it on your domain name so you have more control if you switch CDNs in the future.

Google shoppable ads in image search – They are at it again, the search giant has rolled out a new ad format on image search named shoppable ads. Although it is a test at the moment, Google will highlight multiple products available for sale within your sponsored ad among Google Images results.

You may have noticed that when you scroll through an image, you can hover over any sponsored ad with the price tag and see the items for sale in the image. It shows the prices, brand and much more. They also mention that they will continue to roll this out to more categories across more retailers in the coming months.

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