SEO Wash-up Monday 13th August

SEO Wash-up Monday 13th August

Google Updates

Google Ads mobile app – Google is beta testing their new upcoming mobile app for Google Ads. They have mentioned that with the beta Google Ads mobile app, you can manage your ads on the go. The search giant is looking for roughly 1,000 beta testers in the upcoming weeks

Google Search Console index coverage upgraded – The Google Search Console Index Coverage has been upgraded and they say that the reports are more accurate. The upgrade process started mid July and ended in the beginning of August. Due to the update, you may see changes in your reported index coverage.

Multi-Factor Authentication Security – Google is rolling out a feature that allows the administrative users of Google Ads accounts to set a required multi-factor authentication policy, including 2-Step Verification. If this new authentication policy is switched on within a particular Google Ads account, then all users who want to access that account must have their Google accounts enrolled in 2-Step Verification.

Google My Business menu & services editing feature – Google My Business has announced that the menu editing feature that was launched in April, is now available for all Google My Business users globally and in any language. The feature is now available to businesses like restaurants or hair salons in all countries and languages.

Google Ads report editor supports chart time comparison data – Google Ads Report Editor charts now support time comparison. The chart time comparison data allows you to better visualize your performance. You will be able to visualize weekly, monthly or a specific date range comparison charts in your customized reports in the report editor.

Google Analytics Signals – Google is beta testing a new Google Analytics feature named Google Signals. This allows you to track and report on your visitors across devices.

Bing Updates

Bing hotel, home repair & deal search gets a boost – Bing has announced some new features that are hotel searches, home repair searches and finding good deals using Bing search. Below are a few of the updates;

  • Bing hotel results will show you the best deals for that hotel across multiple hotel booking sites
  • Bing will show you prices across multiple days, if your dates are flexible
  • Bing will show you price data for typical home repair items
  • Bing will also show you Yelp results where you get a quote from dozens of home repair providers
  • Bing will use special snippets to show you deals on a specific site

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