SEO Wash-up Monday 14th May

SEO Wash-up Monday 14th May

Google Posts supports the ability to upload videos

Google Posts was created by Google to allow businesses as well as people to create content directly on the search engine. The idea is the posts will help the business rank highly for searches for their names and brands.

Google has recently been testing a new Google Posts feature, the new feature supports the ability to upload videos in addition to photos. Previously, Google Posts only allowed photos to be uploaded.

There is a screen shot on Twitter posted by Andy Simpson of the video thumbnail showing up for a local panel. It has been proven by other people where they were able to replicate the result, and the video did play both on desktop and mobile search results. Andy Simpson has also mentioned that in the Google Posts back end, it shows the ability to upload both videos and photos.

Google doodle highlights what it means to be a teacher

On the 7th of May across US marked the start of Teacher Appreciation Week. This day was to honour their country’s educators and Google shared a doodle on their US home page that was created around the theme ‘What it means to be a teacher.’

The Council of Chief State School Officers that are a non-profit organization made up of public officials who head US elementary and secondary school departments named 55 teachers for 2018 ‘US State teachers of the year’. The 55 teachers was invited to Google’s headquarters in early January to a workshop, and part of the workshop included the teachers working with Google’s Doodle team image they posted for that day.

In order to create the teacher’s appreciation week Doodle, they were split into five groups each having different tasks.  Each of the groups was tasked to come up with concepts around what it means to be a teacher connected to the letters Google.

Each team had brainstormed, sketched and developed their plans for their letter, one of the teachers Jonathan Juravich said it was like what he and his students do every day in his art class room. Jonathan Juravich is an art teacher from Liberty Tree Elementary in Ohio, who is one of the 55 teachers of the year.

He believes that being a teacher is about his connection to his students, which enables his students to know that he is here with them and that he will do this together. Juravih hopes that the Google doodle carries the idea that as teachers, they are a part of the quest for discovery and that teachers are there to guide, encourage and support their students as unique individuals. He also mentions ‘this journey is one that is full of challenges, but also joy.”

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