SEO Wash-up Monday 16th December

SEO Wash-up Monday 16th December


New top bidding signals with Google Ads bid strategy report – This new data is available in the bid strategy report, which shows you the top bidding signals. With these new signals, you can now include the following;

  • Device type
  • Location
  • Day of week
  • Time of day
  • Keywords

In order to see the signals, you will need to use target CPA and maximize conversions on search. Support for Target ROAS and Maximize conversion value will be available at a later date. Within the report, there might also be a combination of different signals. For example, it may show you that people searching for the keyword [business] in a specific city on the weekend are more likely to convert.

Testing arrows by titles in search result snippets – Google has been testing a small search results experiment where it is showing an arrow by the title of the snippets in the search results. There has been chatter on social media where there are screenshots of the arrows. Within the SEO community, there are saying that they believe this is aimed at distracting searchers from seeing if this is an ad. The arrow points away from the ad label and the URL and towards the title.

More spacious search result snippets on Google – It seems that they are testing a taller and more spacious mobile search results user interface. There is simple more vertical space between the search results.

Google my business adds job types on services editor – The search giant has rolled out a new feature in Google My Business for job types for services. With the new feature you cam can choose from suggested types of services that includes things like “repair toilets” and/or “install faucets” for plumbers.

However, if the type of service isn’t listed, then you can add your own custom services. These standardized job types make it easier for customers to find the services they need, and help merchants generate more relevant leads for the services they offer. You may see an option to add the services you offer, along with their descriptions and prices. In order to keep your services list organized, group services into sections so when customers find your business listing on Google, they’ll see your services listed under “Services.”

Below is how to add or edit your services:

  • Simply sign in to your Google my business
  • Select the location you’d like to manage
  • Click Info from the menu
  • Click edit in the “Services” section
  • The add your sections and items

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