SEO Wash-up Monday 20th August

SEO Wash-up Monday 20th August

Google Updates

Google Fixes Video Carousels To Show Them Less Often – A few weeks ago, the search engine giants Google, began showing more and more video carousels in the search results. It got to a point where publishers were disappointed due to the videos, this is because it was leading to less traffic to their websites.

The search giants seem to have reversed it and is now showing video carousels less often now. Google has said that they have ways to remove the unwanted videos from showing up for your site because it was such an issue for some publishers.

Google My Business Insights to expand query pool – From Google My Business, Joy Hawkins, he posted on the local search forums that Google My Business Insights, where you can go to get Google My Business analytics, you will now be able to expand the data to include more types of searches that get included in the Google My Business Insights reporting.

Therefore, not only will you be able to just be things like people searching for your brand name and forms of searches like that, now you can also include other more expanded local intent queries.

New beta Google Search Console add features – In the New beta version of the Google Search Console, they keep adding features from the old version. Google announced that you can now manage users and permissions, add sites and validate ownership and view the mobile usability report.

The search giants mentioned on their social media that these are features you can find in the old version of the Google Search Console. So in the coming weeks, these features should be available in the new beta version of the Google Search Console that are as follows;

  • Manage users and permissions
  • Add sites and validate ownership
  • Mobile Usability report

Google Launches Expandable Featured Snippets – Google have recently announced that they are launching a new form of featured snippets that offer expandable snippets to help a searcher dive deeper into the aspects of a specific query. So you may have seen Google testing since April and now it is officially live.

They mention that they are introducing a new way to get you to relevant information fast and help you get a glimpse of multiple aspects of a topic with a single search. However Google has not actually given them an official name yet.

YouTube live streaming disabled for many – You may notice that a huge number of YouTube creators complaining in the YouTube Help forums, saying that their ability to live stream on the platform has been disabled. Google has confirmed there is an issue they are looking into fixing so they restore access to live streaming.

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