SEO Wash-up Monday 23rd March

SEO Wash-up Monday 23rd March


Google increases AMP custom CSS limit – The team at Google has increased the AMP custom CSS limit from 50KB to 75KB, which is a 50% increase. It was mentioned by someone at Google on their social media profile and that it is now up fully live.

Google search app gets Siri shortcut – They have added a new Siri shortcut for the Google Search app that speeds up you using Google search on Apple. So users can now say “Search with Google” to Siri and it will launch the Google Search App.

Google search console adds reviews snippet reporting, Tools & Notifications – They have rolled out new tools and reports within their search console for review snippets in Google Search and Google Discover. So if you have reviews on your snippets or local panels, then these reports can help you debug issues. You can see how well those snippets are doing and much more. They are also sending email notifications of review snippet issues via Search Console. Below are the new report  tools;

  • Performance Report – This shows you impressions, clicks, CTR of your pages when you filter by the reviews snippets search appearance filter. So this means that you can check the impressions, clicks and CTR results of your review snippet pages and check their performance to understand how they are trending for any of the dimensions available.
  • Enhancement Report – This shows your review snippets and give you tips on how to improve review markup and issues with your code. So the report allows you to see errors, warnings, and valid pages for review markup implemented on your site. Furthermore, it can help you fix an issue, you can use the report to validate it, which will trigger a process where Google recrawls your affected pages. The report is covering all the content types currently supported as review snippets.
  • Rich Results Test – This adds support for review snippets. They mention that after adding review snippets structured data to your pages, you can test them using the Rich Results Test tool. The test shows any errors or suggestions for your structured data.
  • Email Notifications – They are sending notifications through Google search console of issues with review snippets.

Google my business sends out emails to stay verified – Google now periodically send out emails asking those who have not logged into their Google My Business account in a while, to log back in to stay verified. The email does not appear to be a phishing scam, but rather something Google has done for a while now.


Bing webmaster tools sitemap diagnosis tool – A spokesman from Microsoft who is working on Bing has said that the Bing Webmaster Tools team is working on a sitemap diagnosis tool. This was according to another person who works in the Microsoft Advertising.

It has been said that the diagnosis tool will help users debug common mistakes they make with their XML Sitemap. They also mention that a common mistake SEOs make with sitemap files is to set the lastmod date to the date and time the sitemap was generated, instead of the date and time the web page content was added or changed.

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