SEO Wash-up Monday 24th June

SEO Wash-up Monday 24th June

Google Updates

Google tests mobile vs desktop feature – Google has rolled out a new feature to their rich results testing tool that allows you to pick if you want to see how Googlebot mobile or desktop sees the structured markup on the page. The search giant added this feature for developers, publishers and SEOs in order to help them understand which pages are not yet ready for mobile-first indexing.

To be switched over to mobile-first indexing you need to have parity between the pages, so the mobile and desktop pages need to be mostly equivalent. They will begin notifying webmasters that have these parity issues and these updated tools will help the webmasters diagnosis it.

Google tests rotating people and ask feature – Google is at it again by testing another method to show the “people also ask” feature in desktop search. You may have spotted the feature in the drop down selection tool, and the image rotates when you hover your cursor over it.

Google Search Snippets Showing Tags Section – Google previously used to show tags back in 2017 for some types of search results snippets. The search giant didn’t do anything outside of add content to the snippet but you couldn’t click on them or interact with them in any other way. However, they are now back and live for some queries. There has been chatter and screen shots on social media where users are seeing them again and you also may be able to replicate it yourself. Although the old examples from 2017 may not show up anymore.

Bing Updates

How to submit URLs via API – Bing has now posted an easy to understand ‘how to’ blog post on this topic and it is something simple for web developers to set up, your web developers may recommended you do it. Bing also mentions that in the last few months they have seen rapid adoption of this capability with thousands of websites submitting millions of URLs and getting them indexed on Bing instantly.

Bing’s organic results is not influenced by Microsoft advertising – Just like what you spend with Google Ads has no influence on your Google organic results, it is the same with Bing. A spokesman from Bing has mentioned that they to do not allow what you spend with Microsoft Advertising influence your organic rankings in search results.

Batch URL submissions to webmaster tools API – Bing rolled out a new feature where you can now batch submit up to 500 URLs per API request, so do 500 URLs in a single API request rather than requesting API per URL. However, the 10,000 URL limit per day still applies although you can submit more URLs in a single API request, which makes things more efficient for some sites.

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