SEO Wash-up Monday 2nd December

SEO Wash-up Monday 2nd December


Google Ads has new campaign types & cross-account features – The search giant has rolled out a new update for Google Ads. This update has many new features that includes support for new campaign types and updates to multi-account management. Below are some of the new features:

  • Add/remove labels syntax in CSV import – You can now add or remove labels while keeping all your existing labels:
  • Add the plus (+) in front of your label names to preserve any existing labels.
  • Add the minus (-) in front of your label to remove it, while preserving the other labels.
  • Image names – Editor now shows names for images downloaded from the Google Ads account. So when you add a new image from a file on your computer, the file name is used as the image name for that image.
  • Maximize conversion value – This is now supported for Search campaigns.
  • Search for errors – You can now filter for items marked with a specific error by simply selecting Violation in the filter bar.
  • Shared negative keyword lists – You can now apply your existing negative keyword lists in the Shared Library within Editor, making it easier for you to share your negative keyword lists across accounts.


Redesigned Microsoft advertising – They have redesigned the Microsoft Advertising that was previously known as Bing ads interface. They released a series of changes to modernize the look, feel, and functionality of the product. The key goal with these changes is to help users to an easily manage ads on one of the world’s leading advertising platforms. Below are a few of the highlights of the changes:

  • Global menu bar appearing on top of every page
  • Main menu on the left will allow quick & easy access to campaigns
  • New accounts tab: Accounts & Billing is no more
  • Updated dropdown gear menu

Bing inorganic site structure spam – They have rolled a new set of search penalties for inorganic site structure.iInorganic website structure that includes PBNs and link networks, doorways and duplicate content, subdomain or subfolder leasing and spammy web hosts and hacked sites.

  • PBNs – This is when domains artificially split across many different domains, all cross-linking to one another for the purpose of rank boosting
  • Doorways – This is pages that are excessively optimized for specific search queries, which only redirect or point users to a different destination.
  • Subdomain or subfolder leasing – The practice of hosting third-party content or letting a third party operate a designated subdomain or subfolder, generally in exchange for compensation.

Microsoft Edge sets Bing searches private – Microsoft has rolled out the new Microsoft Edge with a new logo and new features. They now offer new InPrivate mode across your entire web experience so your online searches and browsing are not attributed to you, offering you more control over your personal data.

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