SEO Wash-up Monday 30th September

SEO Wash-up Monday 30th September

Google Updates

Competitors’ local listings shown above the branded local knowledge panel – It seems that Google now shows a carousel feature of competitor businesses within the area, this happens when a user specifically searches for a company name in Google search. So, when it comes to a branded search that brought up a local knowledge panel for a business, Google can show competitive listings above the local knowledge panel.

Google tests capitalising URLs of snippets – Google is at it again and seems to be testing a new feature; capitalising the URL or breadcrumb part of the snippets in the search results. There has been chatter about this on social media whether it is a bug or them actually testing this.

Search Console adds auto-DNS verification – The search giant rolls out another new feature, the Auto-DNS verification via several domain name registrars to help part of the verification flow.

This is to make it easier to verify your domain names with the tool, and Google using a workflow method with the DNS providers to help make the process smoother. This method will guide users through the necessary steps needed to update the registrar configuration so that the DNS record includes the verification token that Google will provide.

Although there are multiple ways to verify your website with Google Search Console, this is just one more way. With this, users can also import this list into Bing Webmaster Tools from Google Search Console.

Google my business drops distance-based service areas – The search giant has said that they will be removing the remaining distance-based service area businesses. They have mentioned that it will be converting to the closest named area. They also have mentioned that the Service-area businesses currently based on a distance will be automatically converted to the closest named areas, i.e. Islington, London.

It has been said by Google that business owners will be able to review these updates in their Google My Business account under Google updates, and can either accept or provide a new service area. They’ll also receive an email notification about the change.

Google Hotel results display distance to attractions – There has been chatter within the SEO community on how Google’s hotel search results shows searchers how far away a specific hotel is from an attraction they are looking to visit. This is actually useful for those that need some guidance on how far the attraction is. If you type in an attraction on search, you will see beside the attraction on how fat the destination is.

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