SEO Wash-up Monday 5th November

SEO Wash-up Monday 5th November

Google Updates

Safer to use absolute URLs with canonical tags – When it comes to implementing canonical tags on your website, Google recommendS to use absolute URLs instead of relative URLs. As this will help ensure Google has interpreted them correctly.

Google fixes bugs in search console – Google said that they fixed over 50 bugs in Google Search Console within the past month. They have not just added new features, they have been updating and maintaining old features and fixing issues that arise.

Below are some of the bugs they resolved:

  • Link from / to Mobile friendly tester now remembers the user language
  • Report scorecards that show you the number of issues
  • Dashboard charts now start from the first meaningful point
  • All your filters and selections are kept when switching between properties
  • Filter by query is now case insensitive
  • Removed points from the overtime graph when there is no relevant data to display

Quicker access to review & delete search activity – Google is now giving their searchers an easier access to review and delete their recent search history, also manage their privacy controls directly from the navigation bar in the main search screen.

The search giants have also mentioned that they are launching this improvement in Google Search on desktop and mobile web, in the Google app for iOS and Android soon after. Google will expand this to Maps, followed by many other Google products next year.

Google AdSense to verify your website – A new quality effort will be rolled out on the AdSense blog. So before you can earn money from ads you place on any websites, you need to first add them to your verified sites section in AdSense. Google will then take that site through a verification process that checks if you own the domain or have the ability to modify its content. During this verification process, Google will also review the site for compliance with the AdSense Program policies.

Bing Updates

Bing fixes bug with URL submission tool – There have been some issues with the URL submission tool in Bing Webmaster tools over the past months, where URLs that you would submit would not show up in the Bing index for weeks later. However they have now confirmed the issue and said it has been fixed.

Bing Ads API version 11 goes away – Bing has sent out a final reminder that you can no longer use version 11 of the Bing Ads API. You need to migrate to version 12 if you want to still use the Bing Ads API, as version 11 will not work anymore.

Recurring insertion orders – Bing Ads has rolled out a new feature that allows you to set up recurring insertion orders. This helps advertisers to not forget to manually create IOs for their ad campaigns. Advertisers can set them up in a specific frequency and only change them when they need to.

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