SEO Wash-up Monday 9th July

SEO Wash-up Monday 9th July

Google Updates

Google maps fake reviews – There is a tool from stopcraponthemap where it analyses Google maps reviews and susses out fake reviews, it also tells you which one is legit. If the tool detects an unnatural review pattern from any Google user, it will then highlight the irregular activity. However the tool is currently supporting USA and Canada listings only.

FAQs & Feedback on the Google My Business Agency Dashboard – Recently Google launched their new agency dashboard for Google My Business. The Agency Dashboard is for users who manage a lot of business profiles within Google My Business. However there has been feedback that was negative in regards to the new agency dashboard. Google responded back to the feedback on social media by saying that they thank everyone for sharing feedback on their new Organization accounts, they are actively working on it but in the mean time to check out some quick FAQs for clarification.

Query & keywords report is added to Google My Business insights – In Google My Business Insights, there is a new section that has been added, the new section shows you keyword or query data that has led users finding you on Google Search or Google Maps.

YouTube serves up more pre-roll & mid-roll video ads – It seems that YouTube has an increase in the number of pre-roll and mid-roll ads being served up on YouTube videos you view. Some users have said that while logged into Google, when they went on to YouTube it delivered more ads than usual.

Yahoo Updates

Deep linking compatibility added to the UI – Gemini has a new feature that provides you with the option to use deep linking, this is something that will help drive traffic and improve performance for your mobile ad or DPA campaigns. How it works is, it simply points customers to specific links deep on your website, below the main page hierarchy, targeting your product or people who have already installed your mobile app, either on iOS or Android.

Editorial status and Rejection reasons added to Bulk – In Yahoo Gemini, bulk, there is a new Editorial status and Rejection fields that has been added to Bulk ads for it to make it easier and clearer for their users because they can now see the reasons why an ad was rejected editorially.

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