Top tips on how to stay on top in 2020

Top tips on how to stay on top in 2020

When it comes to your website, SEO should be a huge factor in 2020 (even it hasn’t already been!) it is very important. You want to rank and stay ahead of your competition by providing a valuable and outstanding site while maximizing your profit; SEO/Website optimisation is the key.

We will have a look at what will help you to stay on top in 2020 when constructing your SEO strategy.

Search results without URLs

Google has recently been testing removing the URLs from search results, so it only displays the website name. They have introduced breadcrumbs a few months ago, since then Google has been slowly moving away from showing full URLs, this is now only visible to selected users. The URL shows beneath the page title that often includes the name of the website. As they continue to test this, it’s important to keep an eye on this change.

At the moment this is affecting very few users as this is still at the testing stage. Users should be monitoring how the removal of URLs from search queries affects their company’s click-through rates.

Optimising for Mobile

As the digital world is transforming, the use of laptop/desktop isn’t as common anymore, mobile advancements are moving forward, which means that we are moving more towards mobile only users. Users are using their mobiles phones more as they are getting smarter. Mobile phones can replace laptops when it comes to writing emails, searching for information; enhanced by the use of voice search.

Statistics show that almost 60% of all searches are carried out on mobile devices and this number will only grow in the future. It seems that Google is transitioning solely to mobile optimisation rather than ranking websites on both desktop and mobile searches. This leaves businesses to focus on their site mobile optimization. 

Voice search

This trend is an extension of mobile search, since voice search is done mainly on mobile phones. Voice search has started gaining popularity since 2018 and is growing rapidly. This is because it is very convenient, easy and quick. Future statistics show that voice search will hit about 50% of all searches by 2021.

Voice search is a challenge to SEO specialists, this is because voice search is very different from normal search. You should focus on your long-tail keywords since people say whole sentence rather than typing it. For example if you add questions such as “what is the best website that sells jumpers?” With this you can target the whole phrase and not just the keywords.

Artificial intelligence machine learning

Artificial intelligence is actually growing and is used across many technology platforms such as Google’s search engine. The Google RankBrain algorithm provides 100% accurate results and scans your website for the exact match of the keyword input. All search algorithms were written by Google engineers before the RankBrain existed. Rankbarin also contributes to the quality of the algorithm by working in the background, and in order to rank with it you need to feed it exactly what it wants, which is quality.

With AI it is becoming easier in reaching a destination. For example, Google flights began to predict delays and announce them before the airlines themselves.  So to stay on top you will have to invest some time into learning more about AI to catch up and rank better.

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