Top tips to write blog headlines that drive search traffic

Top tips to write blog headlines that drive search traffic

One of the simplest digital marketing strategies that will work is content marketing, which is designed to attract and drive traffic to your business website or a specific page. When it comes to any audiences regardless of being your chosen audience or random, you should think of them as a potential customer for your business.

Most customers are constantly browsing or searching online for what they need, and in most cases they don’t find it.

Anyone can write a blog, you could be the best writer and still not attract readers to you blog. It all depends on an effective, attractive headline that cannot be overstated. Having a good headline that catches anyone’s attention will attract them to click through and read the rest of your blog post.

So when it comes to writing a blog post, you should try make a catchy headline as that should be one of your key component of when it comes to your content marketing strategy.

Below are our top tips that could help drive traffic to your blog and business website;

The use of keywords within your headline

Adding keyword thematic to your headline is very important, this is because major search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo will place more of an emphasis on the heading. However if it doesn’t contain any context about the blog’s main point, then there is a good chance it will get buried in your website and won’t be found by a search engine.

Being clear with your headline

You may be working hard to build trust with your chosen audience, you shouldn’t ruin the trust with a misleading headline just for a high click through rate. The headline should be direct and straight to the point, which lets the readers know exactly what they may learn from reading your blog.

A confusing headline could result in a potential reader leaving your page or blog post and moving onto the next search result. This could possibly be that they didn’t find the information they were looking for.

Knowing your target audience

When it comes to your target audience, judging what they are likely to be searching for can be slightly difficult. However, the best headlines are ones your audience will find value in because the headline will be focused on their wants, needs or relevance.

Keeping your headline short but effective

Keeping the headline short will enable your target audience to read the headline quickly, which improves its chances of getting noticed. However, if you’re sharing your blog posts via email newsletter, recipients will only see the first half of a sentence in the preview text.

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