What are snippets in SEO

What are snippets in SEO

Snippets in organic listings are an advantage and encouraged to be used by businesses and individuals by the SEO community to increase clicks and visits. Snippets are the lines of black text that come along with search result listings.

Snippets are filled with information providing persuasive texts to describe the page’s relevance to the phrase that the viewer used as their search query; with the words they used linking to what they have searched. Snippets are easy to notice and useful as they are displayed prominently on Google’s search results.

Rich snippets are an evolution of original snippets and allow more information to be provided in order to help searchers know what to expect once they click a listing. This can be a great benefit for e-commerce websites, as they can use rich snippets to provide a lot of information for their products before a user has even come to their site.

There are many types of rich snippets that can be used on a website to enhance a page.

Below are just a few rich snippets that are available;

  • Recipe – List ingredients, calories, cook time, etc.
  • Authorship – This mark-up adds your Google+ profile image right next to your result on SERPs.
  • Star Review Ratings – Show your average user rating from customer reviews
  • Product – Show availability, price, weight, ratings, etc.
  • Breadcrumbs – A set of links that help a user navigate your site. They also help search engines understand your page structure better.
  • Events – Highlight the time, date, place, etc. of an upcoming event.
  • Location – Mark up your business address, phone number, hours of operation, and more.

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