How to improve your mobile website

How to improve your mobile website

Optimising your mobile site is more than just SEO, or making you’re your content look more acceptable on mobile devices.  Here are some tips to help optimise your mobile site.

Simplifying your content on your website is a really important step to consider. Since you have limited space on mobile devices compared to a desktop browser. Content would be restricted, so it’s important to consider what key pieces of information you want your visitors to see.

Planning your site layout is very important, since it can affect how fast your page loads on a mobile browser. It’s important to put a limit on the amount of pages that you put on your website. When people visit your website they wouldn’t have the energy to travel deep into your website to find things. So making your website as streamlined as possible is crucial when wanting to increase usability.

Aiming to match your branding elements from your standard website to your mobile website is important. Even though you want your website to be streamlined you don’t want to lose the branding elements that’s your desktop website has to offer. This is important for the users who are already familiar with your business or your brand. It will also benefit the users who are new since it gives a basic insight into what your company has to offer.

When designing a mobile friendly website it’s important to utilize the space properly. On mobile browsers spaces is limited, so cramming information on the website isn’t a good thing.  When cramming information on links on your website, it can cause people to be put off the links due to it not looking attractive. Whereas not putting enough information on a mobile website can make your links seem boring or unimportant. Which is why making sure that your mobile website has the right amount of information is important. Allowing your website to have some blank spaces makes your website look cleaner and more sophisticated.

Reducing the amount of text-entry fields on your mobile website is important. Since it’s common that people find it harder to type using the small keyboard on their mobile device.  Using options like dropdown menus, pre-populated fields and checklists are good alternatives. This helps boost usability on your website.

Avoid using multiple tabs, since on a mobile browser it’s much more difficult to use; it also causes slow load times. If the necessity to open a new tab comes, make sure that you alert the user to inform them on how to get back to the original page. Use mobile redirects to find out if the visitor is using a mobile device and direct them to an optimized version of the sight. After you have optimized your website always include a link to your full website to allow users to access all the features that your website has to offer.



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