Does your website look out dated?

A website’s design can make an impact on converting visitors to paying customers, so if your site looks like it’s from the 90s then it’s time to give it a refresh.  Your competitors most probably already have up to date information or the functionality for your customers to have a faster and better experience on the site.

Get one of our specialists at Digital Carrera to have a look at your website to either refresh it or if needed be, rebuild it from scratch.

 Why build a website with Digital Carrera?

Site maintenance

We build your website using the most appropriate CMS so when it comes to updating and changing your site, it will be as simple as point and click. You don’t need to be a developer to make changes to your site!


Whether you need a new site or a refresh, we use the latest technology to bring you an attractive, functional and mobile-responsive site that fits your brand.


Site maintenance

Digital Carrera have a team of experts in search optimization and we will make sure that your site will not only be found, but stay competitive in search engines.


Technical Audit

We at Digital Carrera are experienced in analyzing websites and know exactly what it takes to make a website functional, user friendly and well optimised to rank well in search engines.

If you have an existing website we will analyse it for usability, conversion and general performance to improve it. Outcomes are headlined with recommendations that will have an impact on the amount of traffic coming to your site and give your visitors a smooth user experience when they get there.

Below are a few points on what we will help you with:

  • Targeted content recommendations
  • Conversion optimization
  • Landing-page design
  • Search engine optimization
  • On page optimization