November 2023 Google Algorithm Updates

November 2023 Google Algorithm Updates

Throughout the first half of 2023, a limited amount of Google updates were released. In the second half, September and October say back to back updates; and November has seen two updates. The two updates seen in November were the core algorithm update, and the reviews update.

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Google Core Algorithm Updates November 2023:

This update started on the 2nd of November, only a handful of weeks after the October update. The November core update finished rolling out a few weeks later, similar to other algorithm updates, on the 28th of November.

As with all major updates, Google is not completely open with what has been changed or tested within the new update. Many websites may have seen different levels of impact without any clear reason for the positive/negative changes. These changes may also not be steady, and further volatility may have been seen throughout the release of the update all the way until its complete roll out. Many different SEO and marketers saw an initial heavy amount of volatility highlighted here.

Google Review Update November 2023:

This update began rolling out on November 8th 2023, overlapping the core algorithm update. This update completed rolling out over a 29 day period, finishing on December 7th. Google has said this is the last time they will confirm an update to their reviews algorithm; stating updates to this system are at a “regular and ongoing pace”.

This update impacted sites in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish.

With Google stating that updates to the review system will consistently happen, suggests that Google is continuing to place importance on reviews and may be an opportunity to earn organic rankings. 

Key takeaways:

  • It is always key that when creating any type of content or making changes, you keep Google’s content guidelines in mind
  • If impacted by the core algorithm update, website owners should review the impacted content to ensure they are as aligned to the guidelines as possible
  • If reviews are a key part of the content on your website, they are being looked at an ongoing basis from now on and may cause traffic volatility over time
  • Audit your review content using Google’s quality rater guidelines. Focus on improving thin or low-value reviews.

If you need help to react to these Google updates, or your future SEO plans in general, please reach out to the Digital Carrera team! 


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