Common critical SEO mistakes most website owners make

Common critical SEO mistakes most website owners make

Website owners are increasingly adopting aggressive marketing tactics to a point where they are more likely harm their website visibility in search engines rather than help it. Whether it’s an honest SEO mistake or black-hat technique, you will still get penalised and no one likes being penalised.

However, the worst and most painful penalties are the ones that incur when trying to follow the right SEO practices. This is because you will not even know or understand as to why you were penalized, and in some sense you will feel cheated as you thought you were genuinely doing the right thing.

Here are a few mistakes you could possibly be making:

Click-through traffic

As a business owner, you will create short or long term relationships, you want to strengthen the relationship so naturally you would link to one another as a way of boosting your click-through traffic and SEO. Although you are doing this in good faith, the act of trading links can actually end up hurting either one of the businesses.

So if for an instance this happened then your website will be investigated and if it’s found to have any suspicious link velocity, link positioning within the footer and/or an unusually high number of links from one site; you could face a penalty.

The easiest solution to this problem is to have the partner website erase the footer link to your site. However, your website may still have to deal with the penalty even if you rectified the mistake. To deal with the penalty swiftly and conclusively, it would be advisable to implement an actual link removed rather than having a simple domain disavowal.

Keyword optimization

Trying to rank for a specific keyword for your website can be hard sometimes website owners may overuse keywords, this was a common practice, those days are officially now over. Search engines such as Google have become increasingly complex, and they are constantly adjusting algorithms to reward any high-quality content while penalizing any low-quality content, this also includes any attempts at manipulating the algorithm.

While it is important that your page contains the keyword for which you want to rank for and any related keywords, attempting to overuse keywords to make it rank higher for those phrases is now an ineffective tactic. This could lead your website to having a negative impact as search engines such as Google will identify the tactic with their Panda algorithm. As a result this will mean that your website may be potentially be removed from Google’s search results.

Social media presence

Social media marketing is now a critical as well as useful channel to have in the online marketing scope. Some businesses may dismiss the use of social media but it is actually more vital for businesses to ensure that they have a social media presence because it is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It offers a unique, scalable way to create brand awareness with potential to grow and engage your audience.

If you do have social media platforms then you need to make sure that they are linked to your website. Even if you aren’t sure what to do with it or are even fearful of receiving negative feedback, you could be losing potential customers simply because your competitors may be engaging on their social media platforms. Yes, there is the potential for negative feedback, but you have to remember that you could have negative feedback for both online and offline. So if you do have negative feedback then using social media platforms can give the opportunity to combat such problems and effectively manage your business’s reputation.


Content has become a crucial tactic in SEO strategies that can help boost search engine rankings, along with a host of other benefits such as branding and audience building.

It is important to publish unique content that has not been published elsewhere because if it is copied from somewhere else, you can harm your website’s search engine rankings as it is unethical and illegal using someone else’s content. Using your content that’s already been published elsewhere and trying to duplicate the content can be a risky tactic that has an upside but also a huge potential downside.

Still not sure if you are making the common SEO mistakes? Get in touch with one of our specialist today to find out more about SEO.

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