5 low budget marketing ideas for small businesses

5 low budget marketing ideas for small businesses

Having a marketing campaign is crucial to help your business succeed. If you are a small business and don’t have a big budget for advertising, every pound needs to be spent wisely and whichever path you take, it should be value for money. However, to start a marketing campaign is hard and even harder to get good results on a limited budget.

Choosing where to spend your budget can be difficult, you want to spend the money you have on marketing that will have the biggest impact. Luckily there are some small solutions that won’t blow your budget out of the window.

Below are 4 ideas that can help you market your business without breaking the budget;

Publish content on your blog

Having a blog on your website, regardless of what type of business can have a huge impact. First things first, is hosting the blog with the name of your business so there is a connection between your business and the blog.

Writing good quality content regularly will help drive traffic to your website. Also, you should try doing weekly articles that include humour or even something you read off another website or read in the papers. By doing so this will engage with your reader and will bring them back to check your blog for any new updates.

Guest author on known blogs

You should do some research and find similar bloggers or blog websites in your business field and see if they allow guest posts, this will help create a link back to your website. This will build your online presence and you can be part of their community to further your knowledge. Helping people who post questions on blogs that are similar to your business field can also increase your reputation within the community.

Email marketing

This is something that is good for a small business especially as it has potential to connect with a lot of people. Writing your emails should always be informative and you could even add links to other informative or relevant products you are selling on your website. Sending out follow up emails with promotions or discounts to visitors who abandoned their cart can entice them to come back.

Social media

Using social media can make a big impact on your business as this is where you can interact with your customers if they have any questions or even promote your business. You can even add discounts or VIP events related to your business. Twitter is a great way to provide regular updates to keep your users or customers up to date with anything your business/brand. Facebook and LinkedIn are good for joining communities and building your brand name.

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