A simple guide on replying to Google Reviews

A simple guide on replying to Google Reviews

Reports from last year show that around 60% of users look at online reviews at least once per week. The report shows that buying decisions were influenced by online reviews. When users use search engines such as Google, the online reviews impact how businesses are ranked and where they show up in a search.

First and foremost, you need to register as a verified business with Google and once registered, you will be able to access your Google My Business page. Here you have an insight to your business such as checking reviews, see how much traffic is coming to your website, see your Google rating and the total number of reviews posted about your business.

So how do you respond to Google Reviews?

When it comes to reviews for your products or services, you should always respond regardless of being negative or positive. So when you respond to the reviews, it should always be professional, even if the user isn’t. If your response is not professional then it could have an impact on your business as it is seen by anyone who looks up your company on Google and what you reply with says a lot about your business.

Having a structured and professionally crafted response to reviews can improve your business brand reputation even if the review is negative.

Below are a few top tips on what you should keep in mind to help you respond to your reviews;

  • You should always try and respond to your customers as soon as possibleThis is because Google reacts positively when you do.
  • You should thank your customers at first as it is a good way to start your reply because you are acknowledging that they have taken the time and made the effort to leave feedback.
  • You should respond to your customer comments and not just reply with a basic thank you statement.
  • You may want to try end your response by asking whether there is anything else you could have done, or whether the customer has any more recommendations.
  • You should always draft your response, review it carefully before sending it or even have someone else take a look.
  • Think of your responses as a marketing and branding toolby adding keywords that promote your business or let customers know about something new you are doing that they may be interested in.

Responding to negative feedback from customers

From time to time negative feedback does unfortunately happen but shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. It is critical that you respond and deal with an unhappy customer’s complaint in a professional manner that will display you in a good light.

Remember to apologise regardless of the comments being unjustified. At this point you think about whether there are changes you need to make to your business operations to stop other, similar negative reviews as it may deter other customers from buying or using your services.

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