Guide to how Google remarketing can help with website conversions

Guide to how Google remarketing can help with website conversions

So what is remarketing and how does it actually work?

Google Adwords Remarketing works simply by tracking someone’s specific action. For example, when a user is visiting your website a cookie is placed on their computer that makes a note of the activity. When the user is browsing other websites, it will then show your image or text ad that will follow them as they browse the web.

This method allows you to target users who have shown some level of interest in your business. Once you create the audience in Google Analytics, you can import it to Adwords. Beyond the basic setup and strategy, there are lots of advanced tactics that you can utilize to make your remarketing campaigns work even better.

How to help your users along their journey to purchase

If you use the stats from the Google audiences program, you can learn and understand how you can capture any potential buyer at key moments throughout their online activity. This will not only improve your paid marketing performance, but will increase brand awareness and user engagement from your business website overall.

So, how can you re-engage with these customers via Search ads?

This is where Remarketing is most effective as it allows advertisers to tailor campaigns based upon their website movements. So whether your customer has reached a product or any pages in between, PPC advertisers can adopt two types of targeting to show the most persuasive ad copy, to the right user, at the right time, which will be based on the pages the user has visited on your site. This allows you to either increase bids if the user has been on your site before or solely target the users who have been on the site before.

Essentially, these allow advertisers to use either of the following;

Target & bid strategy – this is where ads will exclusively show to potential customers who have been on the site before, allowing your ads to be tailored depending on the audience type. However, more generic search terms can be utilised within remarketing lists for search ads campaign, as these keywords will only show ads to potential customers within your chosen audiences, previous purchasers for example. This is a fantastic opportunity to make previous customers aware of other products you offer.

Bid only – this is where the ads are not restricted to selected audiences and will show to searchers who haven’t been on the site before. Target & Bid strategies does re-engage with previous visitors specifically, whereas using bid only strategies will enable an increase in bid adjustments that will be implemented on selected audience.

Can remarketing improve Shopping performance?

The remarketing lists for search ads has been around since 2013, but in 2016 the feature was available to shopping campaigns as well. Research from other marketers, have shown the impact this feature has had on CTR and conversion rate from paid channel performance.

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