SEO tips to grow a small business in 2020

SEO tips to grow a small business in 2020

In order to start any online business, the first and foremost is to develop a functioning website. Although having a well-developed website that looks nice and is user-friendly is a must, it will not mean that the site will automatically rank high in search engines.

It is important that you have an understanding of the impact SEO can have on a small online business – ensuring your potential customers and existing ones can find you. In order to do this you should carry out both on-page and off-page SEO optimisation.

Our SEO tips will help you optimise your website and rank better in search. This is the best way to attract any potential customers to your website and convert them to qualified leads.

Below are our top SEO tips that will help you to grow your small business;

Understanding the needs of your customers 

You should spend some time in order to research as well as understand the needs of your customers, this is because it will help and better your chances to create a website that appeals to them. Doing this will give you a clear insight for the what type of research to do with your keyword strategy, which then you can create content around that provides answers to the questions your audience and valuable information.


Researching and compiling relevant keywords is the foundation of SEO. You will need to do keyword research to establish the ones that are suited to your website in order to rank for it. If you have done so, then adding a high ranking keyword within your blog post will enhance the visibility on search engines. This is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website.

On-Page Optimisation

This has a critical role when it comes to the success of any small business online. With your keyword research, you should then select the primary ones you want to rank for within the meta description, your title tags and H1s. You should check that they appear in your short URLs too, as well as in your external links and keyword proximity.

Social Media 

Utilising social media will help build emotional relationships that can connect your brand with your audience. A lot of people use social media sites to gain knowledge as well as for their own entertainment. So when it comes to social media optimisation, it is a necessity for any business with an online presence. When you feed your audience with relevant and up-to-date knowledge then it possibly increase the traffic on your website. This is a very good and simple way to boost your local SEO particularly when you’re trying to build a small business.

Google My Business 

Creating and utilising Google My Business will help your business in selling your services or products through a local business listing website. You can add your business details and post blogs, events and more within Google My Business page. This is also free and help you to target potential customers in your local area as well as drive traffic to your website.


If you put in the hard work on applying local SEO practises, eventually you will gain high quality back links. Although this is an off-page SEO tactic, the goal of successfully having your articles and guest posts accepted by external websites is beneficial to your business. If you have submitted a blog post with a backlink to your website, this will drive external traffic to your website.

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