SEO Wash-up Monday 17th May

SEO Wash-up Monday 17th May

Google Updates

Google has discontinued showcase shopping ads from April 1stThey have stopped supporting the showcase shopping ads, it was initially announced around two years ago. They have now confirmed that they will be removed and the performance data for removed ads will still be available in account reports.

If you didn’t know what these shopping showcase ads were, then simply put; if you’re a retailer, you could use Shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or local store, and find better qualified leads.

Google search console association controls has been updated – They have enhanced the association controls within Google Search Console. They have made it clear as to what your Search Console account is associated with, in terms of other Google accounts. The list of associations includes Analytics, YouTube, Google Ads, Android Apps and more.

Google showing less featured snippets – It seems that on Google search results they are showing fewer featured snippets since February. Users who have tools that track featured snippets all showed a significant decline in the percentage of search results with featured snippets.

Google tests playing videos as overlays in search – For some Google search queries and search result pages, it shows a video box that takes searchers to videos mostly on YouTube but other platforms as well. It now seems that Google is testing playing those videos directly in the search results page and not taking you to or the site the video is hosted on.

Google tests bell icon to follow updates on medical knowledge panels – Back in 2013 the search giant had a method to follow news and updates related to social profiles and other knowledge panels by clicking “get updated or “get notified” or a more updated way from 2017 “follow” button. It now seems like they are testing showing a bell icon and testing this on medical knowledge panels.

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