SEO Wash-up Monday 15th July

SEO Wash-up Monday 15th July

Google Updates

Google posts tests related to your search – You may have noticed that there has been chatter and pictures of Google showing a new section to display Google Posts in a Google local panel. The new section is called ‚Äúrelated to your search” and shows Google Posts that are more relevant to your search query.

Google duplex bookings tested in mobile search – Google has been testing bookings using their Google Duplex, you may have seen how it looks as a user when they use Google search to book a reservation. There have been pictures that have been shared on social media of Google testing it out on an Olive Garden in Florida.

Google mobile friendly tests tool new evergreen GoogleBot – The search giant mentions that they will be rolling out a new evergreen GoogleBot. This GoogleBot will be on the latest version of Chromium going forward, which will have all the latest features of a modern browser for indexing.

However, they have also mentioned that not all the testing tools have been upgraded and we have to wait. So, for now, we know the testing tools are almost ready to go live with the new Evergreen GoogleBot support. A spokesman from Google mentions on social media that they are now at the phase of internally testing the tools to make sure the new Evergreen GoogleBot addition works properly.

Google maps fake business causes problem – Any local SEO expert will know how bad Google Maps business listing spamming are. Although the search giant has been trying to make efforts to improve things, the spammers have always been one or two steps ahead.

Furthermore, it has now caught the attention of the big media such as the Wall Street Journal who wrote that millions of business listings on Google maps are fake. They say that the Google Maps is filled has false business addresses created by firms pretending to be nearby.

Google allows links, emoji & unicode in FAQ rich results – The search giant has rolled out the FAQ schema at Google I/O. From that we have learnt that that implementing can result in a drop in traffic. In order to increase clicks you can maybe drop links, emojis and unicode in your schema so that they show up in the FAQ rich results in Google search.

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