SEO Wash-up Monday 9TH October

SEO Wash-up Monday 9TH October

Bing Ads lets advertisers match user queries and generate their ads with their new algorithm

On the Bing Ads platform, their advertisers in UK and the US can now run Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). Dynamic Search Ads support can be found in Bing Ads Editor throughout October, but for now you can find it available on the platform’s online version.

Dynamic Search Ads allows Bing to show ads to general searchers without the advertiser having to use specific keywords or landing pages to target. Their organic crawling algorithm assesses the advertisers’ content, which then matches it to user queries based on what it recognises to be relevant to the searcher.

Dynamic Search Ads is helpful to search marketers due its ability to find new search terms automatically. Furthermore it can be beneficial in situations like an e-commerce site with many SKUs or model numbers, which saves advertisers from having to bid on every single instance of a model or product ID.

Google is rolling out Flexible Sampling to help news publishers drive more subscription revenue.

As news publications are not able to support themselves with advertising, Google is replacing the ‘First Click Free’ program with its new ‘Flexible Sampling’.

With the Flexible Sampling program, the content and news publishers are now able to control how many articles they want to let searchers access before showing a paywall or subscription. However, Google is also working on a range of other tools to help boost publisher subscriptions.

Richard Gingras who is Google’s VP for news, said that that Google has collaborated with The New York Times and Financial Times to test the new approach. However, regardless of allowing publishers flexibility, Google is still recommends that all publishers make some content available for free in search results. The company will crawl full articles for indexing but the publisher decisions on how much content to sample to search users will not have any impact on their rankings.

Google rolls out updates such as scrolling animations, video analytics, and fluid ad support for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP)  

Google has announced several updates for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) which includes as follows;

  • Fluid-ad support for publishers – this allows publishers to request ads where the ad size is unknown
  • Video analytics – this now support Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Responsive sidebar – there is now improvements to amp-sidebar that enables changing display format
  • Scrolling animations – this enables things such as subtle zoom or fade-in of images and starting or stopping animations

AMP is aimed to improve the rendering of content pages on mobile devices. It has been greatly expanded to include ads and analytics. AMP pages load roughly four times faster and use one-tenth the data of pages and objects not built in AMP, according to Google research.

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