SEO Wash-up Monday 4th June

SEO Wash-up Monday 4th June

Google Updates

  • Google Search Console crawl – Are you trying to check your Google Search Console report for crawl stats? But you noticed that the report has not been updated since the 23rd of May. There are several reports of this in Google Webmaster Help. This is however not uncommon for these reports to get stuck and stop updating, Google is aware and is working on a fix.
  • Google new tab bar navigation on mobile– It has been reported that there is a new search interface being tested by Google. Google’s new tab bar navigation interface puts the navigation in tabs in the footer of the page. This means that it replaces the hamburger menu on the side top of the page and includes a tab for home, upcoming, search, recent and then more options.
  • Your business hours on Google – Should you require to amend or change your business’s hours on Google search under the local knowledge panel, then it will ask you to scan or submit a photo of your business hours. This helps Google to verify your suggestion.
  • Google Search Console adds quick site navigator – Google Search Console rolled out a new quick drop down menu that helps users navigate from verified site to site within the new version of the Google Search Console. Google’s new quick drop down menu started in January and has slowly been gaining more feature equivalence with the old Search Console.
  • Google maps and local reviews – Rumour has it that Google may be removing anonymous reviews on their maps and local. The reviews are sometimes shown by Google users, from the locals on local business profiles. However, they are no longer making up the star ratings in the Google local knowledge panel. Some users are now saying that the reviews are no longer showing up when they click onto the ‘read all reviews’.

Bing Updates

  • Bing Ads will ban crypto currency advertisements – Bing is disallowing any advertisers who use or joined Bing Ads to sell/promote the sale of crypto currency such as Bitcoin and other digital currencies, they are not going to be able to do so after They announced that they will implement this change to their financial product and services policy globally, making advertisers do not promote crypto currency on their platform.
  • Bing Crawl – Founder of Yoast, Joost de Valk posted some interesting data on Twitter yesterday. He posted about crawlers and how much they consume of their site, also how active they are and if there is any return on investment. The big consumer is Bing that crawled 84,000 URLs on their Yoast website over the past month and it only returned roughly 3,200 visitors to their site in that time period even with Yoast ranking well on Bing. He also mentions that Bing consistently crawls more 404s than all the other engines, which is costing lots and lots of server time, electricity and more. Furthermore, it is believed that Bing on the Yoast servers has consumed a shocking 10 GB of data in just a month for only 3,200 visitors in return.
  • Improvements on Google AdWords Import – Bing has now said that they have improved the import feature from Google AdWords to Bing Ads. They mention that you can now specifically import more from Google to Bing, this includes more in quantity and more in terms of data. Some of the things you can import are 10 thousand Campaigns, 1 million Ad Groups, 5 million keywords, 4 million ads, keywords combined, age and gender targeting and more.

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