Top tips for LinkedIn marketing

Top tips for LinkedIn marketing

If you are looking to generate more business or make new and useful partnerships then social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are the right places to be.

Currently, LinkedIn has over 250 million monthly active users, and of those users many are actively browsing on LinkedIn for making business connections and creating new opportunities. So if LinkedIn is utilised correctly it can be a marketing goldmine for your business.

Personal profile on LinkedIn

In order for your business to gain exposure on LinkedIn, you should start with your personal LinkedIn profile. It may seem a little odd but having good personal profiles for everyone that works for the company shows a good impression on your business. So, if your businesses’ personnel profiles are all at a good level then that itself would be making a good impression without even touching the business’s LinkedIn profile.

If you and your colleagues continue to keep updating your personal profile with new achievements and skills then you’ll continue to make a good impression on your business.

Business profile on LinkedIn

When it comes to creating your business profile for LinkedIn, you should try and fill in as much information as you can that is useful and relevant. This should include some background on what your business does and why other people should do business with you.

One of the ways to get leads and interaction is simply by publishing fresh, relevant and engaging content. However, you should not create content where you are trying to push it for sales as this doesn’t work that well on LinkedIn. If you want to engage with your target audience then creating interesting content with insights into your industry, news and general advice tends to work well.

We all know that producing your own content is the best option, but it is also good to share and engage in other businesses and people’s content. This will attract new followers and potentially lead to new business opportunities. Also, it shows your followers that you are active within the industry as well as adding a friendly face to your business.

Whether you have a small or large number of employees in your business, they should engage on LinkedIn which will likely grow your followers in your business that can eventually lead to potential business.

Should you use paid ads?

If you are a new business and still trying to establish yourself, then it is a great way to reach businesses and people that you can’t connect with organically. If you publish an article that gets high engagement you can add some budget to the article and boost it to a targeted audience, this will land directly in LinkedIn feeds of your targeted professional.

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