How to improve your social media influence

How to improve your social media influence

Everyone knows that social media is the best place to establish your brand, it’s where potential and current customers will listen and connect. With social media you can post your products or services as much as you want and connect with other business and suppliers too.

Now, the question is how do you increase social media followers and have important engagement with them?

The way to grow your influence and reach is to nurture your followers. You can do this by establishing yourself as an expert in your business field, and you don’t have to be a social media professional in order to do this. However, social media influence is not a one-time thing; it’s a future investment that needs to be updated regularly and needs constant care. Social media influence can only be built over a long period of time.

Below are ways that can help you build your social media influence and reach. These are generic and can be used by businesses and individual social media users too.

Social media tracking sites

Don’t know how to track your activities on social media? If your social media is not panning out how you would like there is one way to find out, sign up with social media measurement websites such as Keyhole or Hootsuite. These measurement websites are easy to use with a breakdown on how you should do it within the website. Once you have signed up, you will get good insights on what you are doing right and what is not working for your social media accounts.

Holding events, news & contests

When it comes to celebrating, people have a tendency to reach out to others. By doing so, they want to celebrate with you and get involved in what you do as well. You can simply reach out to other users by holding contests or regular events. You should encourage them to get involved and share the latest developments in your business or something happening within your life.

Using hash-tagging to build followers or contacts

Keywords and hashtags have become a popular tools that can help reach out to people on most social media sites. You can take full advantage of these and learn new ways of using them by observing how other users or businesses are using them. This will help you build and join the community whilst connecting with others.

You should post your own content that is optimised, keep in mind to have interesting things to share within your post – this will allow others to share and like your content. However, you should not overload your followers with too many text-based posts so you need to be creative with images, videos and other attention-grabbing media formats.

Mentioning influencers in your post

If you give compliments on posts written by others or just mention an authority influencers name on your social media account, some of their follows may look into your social media account. There is a simple way of doing this on Twitter for example, by adding ‘@’ before the influencer’s name which will tag them in your post.

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