How can social media boost your business

How can social media boost your business

Social Media is a very important tool used in this day and age. Roughly 1.73 billion people use social media on a daily basis. Social media can be used to increase awareness of your business which is very beneficial since it creates opportunities for potential customers to get into contact with you.

Social media can be used to promote your business to relevant people, for instance if you own a shop, and have a sale going on and you want people to be aware of the sale; you could advertise it on major social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

It’s very important that your social media channels are optimised. By optimising your website for social media you are making it easier for your website to be shared by people, and also ensuring that the information displayed is the correct information.

Social media optimisation is also creating interesting content online, ranging from videos to eye-catching photos to well-written text to entice and encourage people to engage with your website and share the content on the website, via the link to the content to their social media contacts.

Common examples of people engaging with websites can be “liking” and “commenting” on posts, sharing and retweeting updates.   Social media optimisation is a very effective way of implementing online reputation management. If someone posts a bad review of your business, having a reputation management strategy can help ensure that any negative feedback regarding your company isn’t the first thing that ranks on search engine results. It also give you the opportunity to resolve the customer complaint before it escalates any further.

Companies like Digital Carrera provide social media services where we take care of all your social media optimisation and reputation management. This takes stress off you since you don’t need to deal with putting content online every week, monitoring social platforms and replying to each individual update or post.


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