Top ways to improve your Google rankings

Top ways to improve your Google rankings

Post Good Content

Quality over quantity is the most important thing to consider when uploading content. If you produce and upload poor content it will not only harm your reputation but it will also be noticed by other companies. It’s better not to post anything rather than posting poor content.

Enrich your About Page

Your about page can become a tiresome thing to do, and not much effort may be put into your about page. Your about is really important on the grounds that you are able to add connections to your destinations or any connections to pages that you find interesting.

Internal/external linking

Bloggers will routinely link out to content on a regular basis because it provides readers with more information about a particular subject. For instance, if someone is looking for paid ads and you have services you hosted on your website then it makes sense to link out for your reader’s benefit.

Ensure that you’re Accessible

Social media is made for people to communicate and come together. If you’re not on social media or not as active on social media, you need to either join a social media platform or you need to increase your activity on the ones you are on. This is to ensure that you are able to grow your network. Ensuring that the content that you upload isn’t set to “private” is important too.

Your content should be publicly available for all to see. You should get involved in your clients online circles to increase exposure to your services. This wouldn’t increase your Google ranking dramatically overnight however it expands your chances to get noticed by other clients, which happens since your open and your posts are interesting.

Using keywords

Finding the best Keyword for a blog will help you identify what kind of search query users are searching to find answers to their questions.

Provide solutions

In addition to producing informative and engaging, search engine friendly content around your selected keywords, it’s also important to consider that potential visitors want solutions and to understand benefits. Your content needs to include your keywords as well as solving problems and delivering benefits.

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