Top tips on how to improve the customer experience for online shoppers

Top tips on how to improve the customer experience for online shoppers

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We’ve all been there: you’re searching online for a product, you click on a link or an ad and then the website you land on is so frustrating or confusing that you get out of there as quickly as possible and find somewhere else to shop.

With the number of mobile searches on the rise, it’s an issue that’s getting more common. Even Google has made it plain that websites that aren’t optimised for multi-device usage will suffer in the search results.

Your marketing strategy and execution may be the best in the business, but if your website doesn’t provide a good experience for shoppers, the likelihood of them buying from you plummets. So what do you do to improve things?

Load times

This is one of the most important factors in a good online experience, yet is often overlooked. Having a site that loads in a few seconds – or ideally less – is the first step to gaining a user’s confidence and ensuring they continue into the purchase funnel. If your site loads slowly – particularly on mobile – invest in web development services as soon as possible to get that sorted.


Navigation is another important part of a good experience. It should be clear and intuitive – and not just to your company’s web developers. It’s here that user testing is invaluable; it will give you insight into how a range of people use your navigation, what they expect to find and what the issues are with it. If it needs an overhaul, look into getting some web design services to tidy it up.


Imagery is critical for customers to understand what they’re going to get. If your business is retail or e-commerce, this is particularly pertinent. Don’t just put a snap of that dress from the front online, add in side and back views, plus imagery of any detailing. The more you provide, the more confident a consumer can be about their purchase. Remember though – imagery needs to be properly optimised in order to keep load times down. You can ask your website SEO specialist or developer about this if you need help.


Now more than ever, customers rely on peer reviews when purchasing a product, especially if they’ve never bought it before. Including reviews – preferably through a third party such as Trust Pilot or Reevoo – will help users to make an informed decision and contribute to a positive overall experience.

Reduce the clicks

Having to progress through several pages before being able to make a purchase is really frustrating for users, and may cause them to give up. When it comes to buying, ensure they can do so quickly and easily (two to three clicks maximum), and provide a small visual letting them know where they are in the process. If they aren’t yet ready to part with their hard-earned cash, enable them to save items to a basket or wish list, so they can access them effortlessly at a later date.

Need help with improving the customer experience for your online shoppers? Find out more about our website development services today.

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