Four ways ecommerce is changing in 2019

Four ways ecommerce is changing in 2019

We know that we live in a time where the world is constantly changing, but lately it seems as though things aren’t as different as we thought. If we look at search engines such as Google, they have dominated search for at least 10 years now. Facebook despite its very public recent problems still maintains a grip on social media and sending emails is still dominating the working environment which is 25 years after it became popular.

E-commerce seems to also be stagnant but in a recent event in Singapore marketers spoke about how ecommerce strategy is changing and evolving.  

Here are some ways it is evolving:

  1. The marketplace will continue to rise; Amazon and eBay will continue to fight it out for marketplace dominance around the world. The consumers will be the ones that will benefit greatly with these new innovations that include world class service and low prices. Utilisation of third party delivered inventory and logistics for Amazon will give the retailer an advantage of growing their loyal customer base and find efficiencies in serving this market. When you want to attract consumers, you will see companies investing in voice commerce such as Amazon Alexa which will be very popular.
  • A unique personalised experiences will win over discounting, retailers that focus their attention on building a unique brand experience that is aligned to their customers value will win out against the retailers that focus on short term strategies such as discounting or product diversification. Personalised shopping experiences will become the norm for ecommerce stores, with the AI and machine learning there are a growing list of low cost solutions that are readily available for small retailers to adopt. This will help them to be able to compete with the likes of Amazon and eBay on this front.
  • Ecommerce brands or the ecommerce division of traditional brands are still growing rapidly. Digital advertising and other online promotions had a free pass from budget holders. Spending on Ecommerce marketing is being looked at much closely to understand whether it is delivering for the brand.  Ecommerce marketers must think much harder about how to deliver the right message to prospective customers and track this effectively. This can be achieved through SEO marketing.  It is important that the brand was doing ecommerce communication well and was focused in this area.
  • Marketing teams have usually been divided according to their speciality. This structure is changing for companies that want to offer a seamless customer experience. The marketing department will have cross channel teams like brand awareness, customer experience and fulfilment. The team members in the company will aim to meet their KPI’s across different channels whether they are working on the in store display, on the media side or with the corporate website. Teams that work across different channels will be the closest in getting the consistent and seamless experience for the customers. This is very important for brands to achieve in 2019.

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