SEO Wash-up Monday 18th December

SEO Wash-up Monday 18th December

Google adds new feature that helps searchers plan their getaways

Google has released their newest feature that helps you plan your flights, trips and even hotel stays for vacations. These features are there so that you can save money and keep track of prices for your desired travel destination. Over the past month, Google has been testing and trialling this feature so they may not appear as new to some of us.

Under the flight search results on Google, it show you ways to save money for your desired trip. Google uses something called machine learning and statistical analysis of historical flights data, the flight display tips is under your search results. With this you can go through available flights and have a look at when it will be the best time to book a cheap flight.

Also, above their search results Google will show the new tips snippet if the room rates are higher than usual. And, if the area for the room is busier than usual because of a holiday or a function it will show up and let you know.

Bing rolls out the AI-powered new intelligent search feature

 Microsoft showcased its vision for AI-enabled computing as well as its AI differentiation strategy at the Microsoft AI event in San Francisco. This breaks down to three big ideas which are making AI-supported software broadly accessible to people that will improve their everyday experiences. The combination of work and personal functionality within the same tools and the intention to be an ethical AI company.

They showed how the AI and machine learning can now support its marquee products, such as Bing, Windows and even Office 365. The one that stuck out the most throughout the day was the featured AI-guided and automated design suggestions in PowerPoint.

Below are three of several Bing-centric AI announcements, which are all under the heading of intelligent search:

Intelligent Answers

This is like the next-gen featured snippets, but the difference is that Bing is often summarizing or comparing multiple sources of information rather than just presenting a single answer. However, if there are competing perspectives on an issue, Bing will then present them and will also provide a carousel of intelligent answers if there are multiple answers to a question.

Intelligent Image Search

This is where Bing is seeking to make virtually any image shoppable and right now, that capability is focused on fashion and home furniture. So users can click the magnifying glass icon of any image to search within an image, which will help find related images or products.

Conversational Search

This is where Bing is taking search suggest/autocomplete to a new level with what it’s calling “conversational search.” From a very general or vague query, Bing will help with query refinement suggestions:


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