5 ways to improve your PPC campaigns with audiences

5 ways to improve your PPC campaigns with audiences

The use of audience targeting can have a massive impact on the way PPC professionals approach their campaigns. Audience targeting helps businesses to focus only on the right audience who are looking or interested in your products and services. Generally the audience seem to be stuck in the retargeting, display, and social strategies.

However, audiences’ can also be an enormous benefit to search campaign strategies as well. So whether they’re as the sole targeting for a campaign or simply as a bid modifier layer, below are five ways you can influence your audiences for search campaigns:

Remarketing lists for search ads

Using remarketing lists for search ads will allow you to target users who have previously visited your site, and tailor your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching for your keywords. 

How advertisers can leverage their remarketing lists;

  • Add the audience as a bid modifier layer to existing campaigns – Go to the audiences section of the interface, add targeting, and choose the audience you want and then adjust the targeting setting to Observation, which basically means the audience will operate as an additional layer within the search audience, but not as the sole targeting.
  • Create a Separate Set of Campaigns for this Audience – This strategy is best when there is a large amount of search volume coming through your remarketing list for search ads.

Dynamic search ads

Using dynamic Search Ad is the easiest way to find customers who are searching on Google for specifically what you offer, Google’s dynamic search ads uses your website content to target your audience. It also can help fill in the gaps for your keywords-based campaigns. 

Target audience exclusions

For you to increase cost effectiveness, you can use the targeting audience exclusion to rule out the audience who has already converted on your site. For example customers who filled out a form with their personal information in order for you to contact them back. 

Similar Audiences Targeting for search

Using the similar audiences targeting helps you find users who share characteristics with your website visitors. When you add similar audiences to your chosen ad group/groups, it will enable you to show your ads to users whose interests are similar to those of your website visitors allowing you to reach potential customers. 

Audiences can be leveraged in either an observation or targeting capacity, similarly to the RLSA, but the recommendation is to keep them as part of existing search campaigns and not segmenting into their own campaigns.

In-Market Audiences

When it comes to those who are researching products and are actively considering to purchase a product or service like the ones you are selling on your website is known as In-Market Audience. When using these kind of audiences, it is designed for businesses to focus on getting conversions from likely customers. If you choose in-market audiences, it can potentially help to drive remarketing performance and reach consumers close to completing a purchase.

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