Google Core Algorithm Update August 2023

Google Core Algorithm Update August 2023

Throughout 2023, we have not seen many core algorithm updates to Google. The last core update coming in May of 2023, and the last official (non-core) update coming in April. This update focused on reviews. On August 22nd 2023, Google announced they began rolling out a core algorithm update. This has now been completely rolled out on September 7th.

What is a Core algorithm update

Google are constantly updating their algorithm, with the goal to provide users with the best sources of information for their search queries. When there is a lot of volatility seen in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), they are seen as unconfirmed algorithm updates by the SEO industry. This is because the fluctuation in rankings would suggest Google are testing some changes to their algorithms.

We usually expect to see a core algorithm update every quarter, however this has not been the case in 2023. A core algorithm update is seen as a general update by Google, adjusting their algorithms to reflect the current focuses and important aspects of organic search. There are smaller updates seen throughout the year focusing on specific aspects of search. For example, reviews have been addressed in February and April 2023. Search Engine Journal has compiled a list of Google algorithm updates here.

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What does this mean for websites

Google tends to be mysterious and vague around what they have focused on in a core algorithm update. SEO experts try to work out what’s been focused on based on changes in rankings and recent announcements leading up to the update.

As a core algorithm update is being released, websites may see many changes in their rankings. It is best to wait till the update is completely rolled out to see how your website is performing based on the changes. It is rare that performance takes a steep decline after an update if SEO best practices have been followed.

Website owners and SEO experts who handle their clients websites should keep an eye for their rankings now that the update is complete. Any dips may be due to this update and the content may need to be updated to recover the rankings. It is important to note that there still may be other factors that affect your rankings alongside the algorithm update such as a competitor updating their content to earn rankings or any technical issues on the website.

What was this update focused on

As mentioned above, Google tends not to openly confirm what they have focused on for their core algorithm updates. There has been a lot of chatter in the SEO industry that the focus seems to be focused on the E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) content guidelines based on the changes seen in rankings.

Google has placed more and more importance on E-E-A-T and quality content. This has been emphasised with the boom in AI generated content. Google has repeatedly highlighted that unique content that best answers the users needs will be the content that performs the best organically.

Key takeaways

  • E-E-A-T should be a key focus when creating content
    • This should also be a focus when optimising old content
  • Ranking changes may not only be due to the update
  • Google has placed importance on Expertise and Authority, this should be a focus of any SEO strategy

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