SEO Wash-up Monday 16TH October

SEO Wash-up Monday 16TH October

Google My Business API adds some support for creating and editing Google Posts

Google My Business API has updated its features with some support for creating and editing your Google Posts. With Google Posts, it allows people as well as businesses to create your content directly on Google, which appears in Google search results for their names or brand searches.

The updated 4.0 version of the API – Google said you can now create Posts on Google directly through their API. The update in the 4.0 include a few other features, but the one feature that is the most noticeable is Google Post.

This will now allow developers and tool engineers to systematise a lot of the posting in the Google Posts interface, quite similar to how brands manage their social accounts such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. So it will be interesting to see which other developers and tool engineers add support for Google Posts first.

Facebook has rolled out a food ordering tool as part of longer-term commerce evolution

Facebook mentioned that they will announce a few tools and partnerships that support local discovery and commerce on their app. They have announced that they officially launched the food ordering tool on Facebook, where the platform works with a number of delivery services and restaurant chains. This means that you don’t have to search through numerous places to find what you’re looking for.

With the new food ordering tool, it allows you to connect with your old favourites and any new discoveries that you may find with just a few taps through the app. Also it allows you to check out what your friends/family have to say about the restaurant before you place your order. Below are a few of the features;

  • Booking and food ordering for Pages
  • Social recommendations
  • Local event discovery

This is a brilliant tool that can be managed within your Facebook app. With this kind of tool, it gives an experience that adds greater utility for consumers and eventually it will generate more revenue for Facebook via paid media — apparently there are no transaction fees for Facebook in this product.

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