SEO Wash-up Monday 16th May 22

SEO Wash-up Monday 16th May 22

Google Update

Google Ads have been testing lighter font URLs – Although this is a strange one, Google has been testing a lighter font colour for parts of the URLs displayed in the search ads in the search results. So the main domain is a solid dark font, but the parts around it are a lighter grey font.

Google search has added Jewish Shabbat Times – In 2011 Google first launched prayer time rich results, however a year later Google decided to stop prayer time results. Then back in 2018, Google decided to re-launch native prayer times for Islamic prayer times. And now, Google has launched partial prayer times for Judaism – to tell Jews when Shabbat (Shabbos) starts, ends and what the weekly Torah portion is. So if you search for “what time is Shabbat”, Google will show you its native built shabbat times widget at the top of the search results for mobile and desktop.

Google also lets you define your custom for when Shabbos ends, some old that shabbos ends based on 8.5 degrees below the horizon (sun), 50 minutes after sunset and some hold the Rabbeinu Tam custom.

Bing Update

Bing Search has a new Microsoft Advertising Professional Service Ads – Microsoft Advertising has announced another set of vertical ad formats for Bing Search called “professional service ads” for insurance services, real estate services and tax services. Microsoft mentions that the professional service ads aim to do just that for anyone that’s looking to get connected with a certain agent, advisor, consultant, or any sort of professional.

The professional service Ads are intent-triggered rich placements that provide real-time information to consumers about your agents, advisors, and consultants, all with no keywords required. With a spot on the right rail of the Bing search engine results page (SERP) running alongside mainline text ads, you can showcase your professionals more prominently than ever.

Professional service ads are dynamically generated based on the data you specify in your feed file, such as your plan type, the organisation category, federal registration status, and URLs. So that is all you need to give to Microsoft, but the more you give them, the more they can do with your ads. Microsoft Advertising launched automobile ads, health insurance ads, credit card ads, tour and activity ads and cruise ads. Now we have Professional Service Ads and I am sure we will see many more verticals this year.

Microsoft Advertising Editor Gains Audience Network Control – Microsoft mentions that the advertising editor has now been integrated into Microsoft Audience Network. So before you were only able to manage your audience network campaigns within the web console or API, but now you can use the Microsoft Advertising Editor. You can manage your audience campaigns with Microsoft Advertising Editor. Below are the features of the Editor:

  • Bulk management of campaign settings, bids and modifiers, targeting, audience associations, and ad management (except images).
  • Importing display campaigns from Google.
  • Management of existing audience ads (without images).
  • Full campaign structure copying within an account (ads, targeting, associations).
  • Cross-account copying of the full structure except ads.

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