SEO Wash-up Monday 23rd July

SEO Wash-up Monday 23rd July

Google Updates

Adwords can now sync on Google My Business – Google launched the agency dashboard for Google My Business that manages a lot of local businesses, but there has been a lot of negativity around the dashboard. However, Google has been communicating back and trying to make changes and add new features.

They have recently announced that Google My Business will be able to sync locations in Adwords. The feature was working in the previous Google My Business dashboard but did not work in the new agency dashboard.

Google tests hotel prices that show by day – There has been chatter that Google is trying in search to show hotel prices for a hotels over a specific date range directly in the search results. The appearance looks like a bar chart that shows prices for the hotel from today going through the next month, with the average price listed on the left.

Google Image Search to change referrer URL for tracking – Google has mentioned that they will be updating the referrer URL from Google Image search within the next couple months. This is may be vital to users who have a website or multiple websites that uses any form of analytics to track their incoming traffic. However, users who just use Google Analytics, won’t need to worry about this. Others may need to, especially those that built their own analytical tools.

The new referrer URL is: so when you get traffic from you will clearly know it is coming from Google Image search.

Google Tests New Location Tab & Scores For Hotel Listings – Google has been testing a new location tab that shows you location with information not only around a hotel listing but also scores the location based on factors such as proximity to top sights, transit and airport access. They say that the location score they assign to hotels are calculated based on data from Google Maps.

Bing Updates

Bing Ads Strongly Recommends You Use HTTPS URLs – Bing has mentioned a few days ago that they strongly recommend that you switch all your ad URLs from HTTP to HTTPS. Below are two primary two reasons why Bing Ads recommend using HTTPS URLs:

  1. The security and performance benefits associated with its use, HTTPS has become the new standard protocol used on the web rather than the original HTTP.
  2. Chrome users will now see websites who still have an HTTP URL instead of HTTPS the Not secure message even if users click on one of your ads, they will see your URL marked as not secure in the address bar. So if your site is not HTTPS, Bing suggests that you speak with your webmaster or developer to take the necessary steps to make it HTTPS. When you do become HTTPS, Bing offers multiple ways to update your URLs in bulk from HTTP to HTTPS.

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