SEO Wash-up Monday 9th May 22

SEO Wash-up Monday 9th May 22

Google Update

Google business profiles now may require additional verification – Google has updated the help document on how to verify your business to say that they may require you to verify by more than one method. So if you verify using one method, Google might then decide it needs you to verify again but using a different method.

When you need to verify for the first time:

  1. Add or claim your Business Profile on Google.
  2. When you add or claim your profile, Google offer you one or more verification methods, like phone, text, email and video.
  3. Pick your verification method.
  4. Often, Google need to review verifications. These manual reviews help maintain the integrity of all profiles. They can take up to seven working days.
  5. After you verify it can take a few weeks for your updated business info to show across Google. You can update and add to your info at any time.

Re-verify after info changes – In order to maintain high-quality business info, Google may sometimes ask a verified business to verify again. A change in the info that you gave us about your business can cause this re-verification. Google might also ask you to update business info or give more details about your business. To re-verify your business, go to your verified Business Profile and follow the steps.

Google local panel shows confirmed by phone call (duplex related) – Google now shows how long ago a phone number and the hours were accurate for local businesses by saying when it has been confirmed. Google can now write in a business local panel showing “confirmed by phone call” that is followed by how long ago it was.

There has been chatter and spotted by other users through social media. It can be replicated by following signing into the local panel where it will show you that Duplex (likely Duplex) called the company by phone to confirm the hours and details are accurate. It says “confirmed by phone call 8 weeks ago.

This is probably powered off of Google Duplex calling businesses to verify business details or it might be based on a human at Google calling – who knows. Either way, this little piece of information might provide a bit more trust in that local panel for the searcher.

Google has been testing to remove estimated number of SERPs – Google SERPs has been testing to remove the estimated number of search results figure you typically see under the search bar after you conduct a search query. Google tested back in 2016 and it seems Google is testing that again.

Google Shopping filter by “Smaller stores” – The Google shopping has now a filter to show you products that are sold in “smaller stores.” Google announced this back during the Google Marketing Live event last year but now it is live where you can filter products in Google Shopping by stores that are classified as smaller. This is a good way to help small businesses by giving them the business over buying the product from a larger competitor.

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