Things Marketers should be doing during COVID 19

Things Marketers should be doing during COVID 19

It is a given that marketers are doing their utmost best to keep their target audience engaged and active. As there is no way to know what users will be looking for in a month or more from now, it’s vital that marketers keep the marketing wheels turning.

So now is that time for marketers to do what they do best; by getting creative and use their skillset to even help others. Every client needs their insights and resources to help their business or businesses to survive and even thrive during this difficult time.

Find out more on what Marketers should be doing below;

Content & resources

Although this pandemic has now calmed down, it is still affecting businesses, and marketers’ priority should be helping others. It is apparent that your clients or potentially new ones are in need of resources and more. Your clients do not need to be sold on a product but rather be reassured in their partnership with a plan of action and execution.

To help other businesses, you can offer newsletter subscriptions that has information to help small businesses learn a little bit of marketing skills they need to continue growing and thriving despite the current climate.


Being transparent with your clients is something you should always be doing. Although no one actually knows what to do right now or even know how long things are going to be affected, it is very important to give your clients reassurance and be clear with them rather than withholding information.

Whether you as the marketer know all the answers or not, marketers who do, also admit to not knowing all of the answers but ready to do some research in order to help their clients. This may earn respect from your client being authentic and it will reflect well on your brand as a whole.  You are building trust during all of this craziness can only be a good thing.

Client communications & community outreach

As you are the resource for your clients, it’s also important that you nurture your relationships and create a sense of community. During this crazy pandemic, marketers have started to realise that there is no such thing as too much communication. A sense of constancy and guidance can be extremely comforting for your clients.

Marketers should suggest meeting with your clients two or three times a week via video call to make sure they still feel that their needs are a priority to you. Furthermore, there are other ways to stay connected such as a community Facebook group where members can not only chat with you, but with similar clients who may share their experiences.

New partnerships

Starting new partner relationships can be vital during this global pandemic. There actually are many companies that have taken this opportunity to team up, whether it is a fundraising/awareness campaign surrounding COVID-19 or maybe even a special bundle of their products offered together at an affordable rate.

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