Ways to increase your Adwords Click-Through-Rate

Ways to increase your Adwords Click-Through-Rate

When it comes to thinking of ways to increase your click through rate, it can be quite frustrating.

It seems that internet advice only focus on the tactics of ad optimisation, but that can only get you so far. Eventually, search marketers/businesses need to find advanced ways to increase click-through rates.

Negative Match Keywords

When you are looking for ways to increase your click through rate, negative keywords can be a crucial part to having a good AdWords account. The name itself is self-explanatory, as they are the opposite of regular keywords. With regular keywords, it tells the search engine what term you want to bid on negative keywords tells them which keywords not to appear for.

To keep your ads relevant, you should always add negative keywords. There are three match types for negative keywords just as there is with normal keywords;

  • Exact – this prevents your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase
  • Phrase – this prevents your ad to show for searches that include the exact phrase
  • Broad – this prevents your ad to show on similar phrases and close variations of the keyword

If you add negatives to your campaign, it will prevent your ads from showing for that match type. To get a high click-through rate as possible, simply add a regular keyword as exact match negatives to your broad and phrase campaigns. This will make your users be funnelled to the ads you created for their specific queries. Your exact match keywords should be higher than other keywords. When you are adding your exact keyword to the campaign, Google has not got an option of sending the users to less relevant campaigns.

Location Bidding

You can improve your click through rate with location bidding, you first need to understand how geography affects user behaviour down the funnel. In doing so, you want to make sure that increasing your click though rate for a specific geography is worth it in the long run. When you are choosing a location, you need to start tracking to see if you get a good response back and if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

On Google, they offer a tracking parameter that is called ‘ValueTrack’. The ValueTrack parameters help search engine marketers to track anything from the location of a click to the device that it come from. There is two geography based you should look at which are

  • Physical location – this tells you the location of the user.
  • Location of interest – this tell you the location they were searching for

If you are using these parameters then you should make sure that you are passing these into your analytics, then you can see what geographies are worth investing time into.

Dynamic Keyword

Dynamic keyword insertion allows advertisers to create a space in ads where the user’s search term will appear and the idea behind it is that nothing can be more relevant to the searcher than the query they actually searched for.

If you are struggling to increase your click through rate please get in touch with us. One of our PPC experts will be more than happy to have a look at your campaign and advise accordingly.

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