4 steps you can follow to generate leads on Facebook using an infographic

4 steps you can follow to generate leads on Facebook using an infographic

Most small businesses just create a page on Facebook but don’t know enough about Facebook marketing and end up being frustrated by the lack of likes and shares. The three steps most smaller businesses follow are as follows;

  1. Set up a Facebook Page
  2. Invite friends and family to like the page
  3. Write some text on images and post on to the page

Soon enough business page admins realise that their post is not reaching their target audience or any potential customers. This eventually leads to the business using Facebook’s “boost post” feature.

While it is a good idea to use Facebook’s boost post feature, this particular advertising option may not drive a significant amount of traffic or create any major change in your engagement. In order to generate leads, drive traffic or have any engagement you will need a strategy. Infographics, videos and memes are an excellent starting point in order to generate leads on Facebook.

Below are 4 steps you can use on Facebook to generate qualified leads;

Promote to your target audience

You first need to create an ad that focuses on a specific audience of your choice. There are options once you start the process where it allows you to target people with specific job titles and more. This is ideal because if you want to talk to specific people in a potential client’s sales department, you can simply filter that into your audience set.

The main aim for a Facebook ad is to get your customers to click the ad and go to your business website. The ad itself contains a Facebook pixel, which will allow you to serve ads to the Facebook users who ended up on your webpage. Facebook pixel is a reporting tool that is triggered and reports when someone visits your website and takes an action.


When it comes to retargeting, you need to show a new ad to your potential customers who clicked through your original Facebook ad and then landed on to your business website. Your second ad should offer some kind of incentive or resource that your target audience will need or want.

However the incentive will need to be enticing by being either free or at a discounted rate that your target audience just would not be able to possibly pass up. You should have a sign up or a form your customers fill in as their email may be crucial in some cases like if you are offering a free e-book, newsletter, promotions etc.


Now that you have your customers attention by offering them an incentive, you can ask them for the name and email of someone in their department who could possibly benefit from your product or services.

Enter sales cycle

At this point you should have a few leads and more potential customers from referrals, you want to schedule a either a call or email with the new prospects. Another way is by having a sales caller depending on what business you are in.

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