SEO Wash-up Monday 27th November

SEO Wash-up Monday 27th November

Google doodle turkey leaves from dinner traditions

Thursday 23rd November marked the annual Thanksgiving meal that happens every year. Google’s doodle had an animated image of a turkey that left for the holidays. In the Google Doodle Blog, they say that unlike his domesticated brethren, the Turkey in this year’s Doodle took flight from the Thanksgiving table.

There was a brief history snippet about Thanksgiving linked to the doodle, stating how the first meal was 369 years ago. A feat that was celebrated between the pilgrims and the Native Americans tribe of Wampanoag. It goes further to explain how late Abe Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863.

The snippet also mentions the presidential tradition of pardoning turkeys for the last 28 years: “Though the pardoning of turkeys has been a presidential privilege since 1989, the Turkey in this Doodle has decided to pardon itself.”

Google starts to show more information about local businesses

When it comes to local businesses, Google now presents more information about the business within the knowledge graph and snippets. Historically, business information was quite restricted, with only basic details being shown.

Businesses that are verified on Google listings can create social media posts, stickers, window cling and much more

Google launches #SmallThanks Hub, an online resource that creates customised digital marketing content and printed materials based on your Google reviews. The #SmallThanks hub has so far been launched in the US and will be available to all verified Google listings that have an address.

When you enter your business name on the site, Google will automatically create posters, stickers, social media posts, window cling and much more, this is all based on reviews and local love you receive from your customers on Google. Reviews from customers in simple context are a positive attributes, people will notice them as the first thing within the search results.

Google says that 71 percent of consumers have claimed that positive reviews that appear in search results makes them more likely to visit a business website. Google also claims that business listings with positive reviews experience a higher click-through rate to their website.

Google has offered to help businesses when it comes to using the #SmallThanks hub, encouraging business owners to keep their Google listing updated and to always encourage their customer to leave positive reviews online. Businesses are advised to post “Find us on Google” stickers in their store.

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