SEO Wash-up Monday 3rd June

SEO Wash-up Monday 3rd June

Google Updates

Google search console adds new reports – Google has added new reports to Google Search Console.

  • Unparsable Structured Data Report – This report aggregates parsing issues such as structured data syntax errors, preventing Google from identifying the feature type. Using this report, you can see if Google was unable to parse any of the structured data you tried to add to your site.
  • Logo & Sitelinks Searchbox Enhancements Report – These are available under the enhancements section in Google Search Console if you use both Logo markup and Sitelinks Searchbox. They have also said that you can review the trends of errors, warnings and valid items. If you like to view each status issue separately, then you need to click the coloured boxes above the bar chart. You can then review warnings and errors per page and see examples of pages which are currently affected by the issues.

Google’s new “how Google news works” portal – Google has rolled out a new portal named how news works on Google. Although this is similar to the how search works portal on Google that was launched back in 2013 but revamped a couple times for news. The search giant has mentioned that this ‘how news works’ on Google portal will;

  • Outline the objectives of their work
  • The principles their follow
  • The approaches they take in the design of news experiences in Google products

This has been launched as it covers the purpose of Google News and how to make sense of the news. It also says how they try to sustain a healthy news ecosystem and it digs into those topics.

Google search adds 3D objects with AR support – The search giant has mentioned at an event called the I/O that you can bring up 3D objects from a search feature and then place them in your location using augmented reality. For some content, you can add 3D objects but it may be limited to a set of partners Google is working with for this content. 

Google launches FAQ & How to structured data markup – Google had mentioned at the Google I/O back in 2018 that they are going to roll out the FAQ and how to structured data. Now a year later, Google has rolled out the FAQ and how to structured data markup. These come with new rich results and new Google Search Console enhancement reports.

Google My Business tests design & layout update – Google My Business have been testing and may roll out another design for their Google My Business console. This new design on Google My Business will let you update the cover photo easily, the new navigation at the top and up-selling G-Suite services.

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