5 top tips to grow your traffic audience with SEO

5 top tips to grow your traffic audience with SEO

Everyone wants their website to get as much traffic as possible, there are many ways to improve the amount of traffic to a site. The following steps if done properly could bring more traffic to a website than you’ve ever imagined.

Top tip number 1

Observe your competition and look for high volume low competition keywords that you can target.

One step you could use is to find keywords which your competition are using and edit and innovate the content you already have, or create even better pieces for the specific keywords. When searching for keywords to use avoid going for keywords which are common and vague, for example people may use a keyword like ‘healthy food’ in a search engine and get an array of results where nothing is specified. Whereas if you specify the keyword and target it like ‘does eating healthy food help you concentrate’ you would get much more search volume if you had a good piece of content.

Top tip number 2

Publish Fresh Content more often

Creating new content every few days could help steadily grow your traffic. However before you publish a content piece you should think about what type of content you want to publish, and if the content is going to serve as link bait or if the content has actionable advice within it. If not, don’t expect anything miraculous to happen.

Top tip number 3

Make an effort and gain some trust worthy backlinks from trusted sites

Natural backlinks or earned backlinks are very valuable in the eyes of Google. Gaining a backlink from a site which is trusted by Google, will increase you ranking and increase your traffic. A very major example of a trusted site would be Wikipedia. In order to gain backlinks from high authority sites you will have to earn it. Earning something is more difficult than buying or creating something, which is why natural backlinks or earned backlinks are more valuable to Google.

Top tip number 4

Create an online presence by keeping up with social media

Creating and maintaining an influential social media presence matters a lot. If your business hasn’t been active on social media, you might have missed out on a lot of potential traffic. One of the biggest advantages of social media traffic is that if the campaign is running smoothly, it will generate a lot of conversations which will bring more traffic to your website.

Top tip number 5

Utilise the power of influencer marketing

This type of marketing is a new type of marketing which is rapidly gaining popularity. The idea is to identify influencers in the chosen industry and get them to use your merchandise/products in there public events. For example when a YouTube makeup artist uses a makeup they have been sponsored with, to promote and market the company’s makeup.

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